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Kipocreta | Garden Construction & Maintenance, Heraklion Crete

The design, study, and 3D visualization for garden construction are crucial steps in creating a beautiful and functional garden. By utilizing modern technologies, you can generate stunning garden designs and realistically visualize the final result before even starting the construction.

The steps for garden design with study and 3D visualization include:

Information Gathering: Record the dimensions of the space, your desires and needs for the garden, as well as the type of garden you want.

Design: Study the space and create an initial design plan.

3D Visualization: Use 3D visualization software to transform your design into three-dimensional form. This software allows you to view your garden from various angles and easily make modifications.

Selection of Plants and Materials: Choose the plants, flowers, trees, and materials that you will use in your garden. Also, consider the organization and flow in the space.

Implementation: Based on the final design, proceed with the construction of your garden.








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